Senior Team

side_kick_32_x_32 Senior Team

Call to Montana’s Senior (ages 18 & up) Taekwondo Champions!
The MTA continues to recognizing excellence among its adult Taekwondo Champions by holding the MTA Montana Senior Team Fight-Offs in conjunction with the MTA Montana State Taekwondo Championships each year.

The red and black belts comprising the MTA Montana Senior Team receive a cash award to support their competition efforts and (along with the MTA’s Cadet and Junior teams) serve as the “face” of the MTA representing the State of Montana at both local and state as well as national events for the following competition year.
Guidelines & Benefits

2019-2020 MTA Senior Team

Logan Bullock                    Mathieu McCoy         Stephanie Nordgaarden

2017-2018 MTA Senior Team


Jenn Deubler                         Caley Halloran


Matt Underhill                       Matt McCoy

2016-2017 MTA Senior Team

Mr. Arndt

Trevor Eagleton