The Montana Taekwondo Association (MTA) is dedicated to the development and growth of Montana’s pool of Taekwondo referees and officials and offers Referee training and certification through the MTA Referee Development & Certification Program as well as the AAU referee certification programs. To date, the MTA has certified hundreds of referees through its own program.

Dear MTA Referees,
Thank you and congratulations for your interest, determination, and dedication to be a part of the Montana Taekwondo Association Referee Program. By deciding to become an MTA Referee you have made a clear decision to contribute to your Taekwondo community. Referees are an essential part of successful and progressive TKD within our state and region.

To become a good referee takes the utmost dedication to serving our TKD community. MTA Referees are expected to take at least one referee certification or recertification per year to maintain their credentials as MTA Referees. The MTA offers this clinic in conjunction with MTA-affiliated events throughout the year. USAT referee and AAU officials’ courses also qualify you for upgrade and/or referee educational maintenance credit.

No matter where the tournament is held or who shows up, high quality referees are absolutely vital to the success of any event. We have a great responsibility to absolutely know our duties and responsibilities and to be able to execute them with confidence, knowledge, and wisdom. All of these attributes take time and effort to acquire. That is why we participate in as many events as we can, and why we take and retake the officials courses as often as we can. You will learn something new every time.

As martial arts students, we are learning for ourselves. In becoming a referee we are saying to the greater martial arts community that we are willing to seek knowledge that allows us to give back to a community that has given us so much. That is the best kind of Martial Artist.

For those wishing to develop and advance their refereeing skills, or opportunities to develop leadership skills and serve in leadership roles within our association, know that the MTA is there to help. We look forward to working with each of you in the development of your skills and our MTA Referee Team.