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PO Box 815 Somers, MT 59932

MTA Executive Committee
The Montana Taekwondo Association’s Executive Committee is comprised of the MTA’s President, Past President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. The committee is dedicated to the day to day operation of the State Association and works to carry out the vision, programs, and activities mandated by the MTA Board of Directors. Committee chairs, the Executive Director (when filled) and MTA Legal Counsel also assist serve on the committee as advisors (non-voting).

President: Master Jake Parker 
President-Elect: Master James Corbin 
Immediate Past President: Master Debbie Noyes 
Secretary: Mr. Alan Bowman
Treasurer: Grand Master John Paul Noyes
Legal Advisor: Patrick Flaherty, Esq.
MTA Committees
MTA Referee Committee: Master Matt McCoy 
MTA Dan Committee (Black Belt Testing and Promotions): Chaired by the sitting MTA President, comprised of all MTA members in good standing ranked 4th Dan and above
MTA Board of Directors
The Montana Taekwondo Association’s Board of Directors is comprised of one representative from each member club. The Board of Directors defines the MTA’s “vision” and “mission” and determines what programs and activities will be undertaken by the State Association.

Club Directors (Voting)
Director: Affiliation:
GM Scott Miranti Big Sky Taekwondo, Great Falls, MT
Mr. Alan Bowman Big Sky Martial Arts, Kalispell, MT
Master Mathieu McCoy Dynasty Taekwondo Sandpoint ID
Master Corbin
Championship Training, Missoula MT
Master Parker Montana Taekwondo Academy, Missoula MT
Sarah Lightner Rocky Mountain Martial Arts, Butte MT
Master Corbin Liberty Lake Championship Training WA