MTA Montana State Taekwondo Championships

2016 MTA Montana State Taekwondo Championships: May 21st in Missoula!
The MTA Montana State Championships are back! This year’s event is being held in Missoula on May 21st where it will be hosted by the MTA and Championship Training (Mr. James Corbin). Click the link below for the packet. GM Miranti’s welcome letter is provided below.

2016 MTA State packet

Welcome Montana Taekwondo Enthusiasts,

It is with great pleasure, I welcome you to the 2016 Montana Taekwondo Association State Taekwondo Championships! We plan on having a great day in Missoula this year with an expected turn-out of over 200 competitors. We are also having our semi- annual Board of Directors Meeting at Championship Training on Friday, May 20, 2016 at 3 PM. I want to personally invite all MTA members to attend and experience our MTA from a slightly different perspective. We will be addressing all current and future issues that involve our Montana Taekwondo community.

Our MTA has been and will continue to be a very strong, organized and highly successful group that will always support and promote Taekwondo in a progressive and positive direction. As a state organization, we are heads and tails above other states starting with; we actually own a tournament trailer and equipment that services at least 5 tournaments a year. We have cutting edge referee programs unlike others, which have produced higher level referees. We have athlete and coaching opportunities that mentor many state, national and international competitors!

It is most important to me that I say thank you to all of our Taekwondo school owners, instructors and students for all of your hard work and dedicated efforts to make Montana Taekwondo a highly respected group. I want to wish everyone good luck at the 2016 State Championships. I am looking forward to serving as your MTA President for the remainder of 2016. I am also excited to watch all our athletes and coaches use their potential to excel and prosper in the remainder of this year.

God Bless all of you and keep up the competitive spirit!


Scott Miranti
Montana Taekwondo Association

P.S. Good luck to ALL of our national competitors this summer, whether you are competing at the National Hanmadang, AAU Nationals or USAT Nationals. Compete hard!